Intel Case Studies Higher Ambient Data Center Temperatures Reduce Costs

Higher Ambient Data Center Temperatures Reduce Costs

Higher Ambient Data Center Temperatures Reduce Costs
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As a pioneering IT enabler and technology driver, Intel’s objective was to demonstrate to clients that the modern data center operating environment does not require the level of cooling traditionally thought necessary to guarantee reliable performance. Given the significant energy cost and capital expense associated with cooling technology, there would be considerable potential for dramatically reducing TCO by designing and building data center facilities that run at a higher ambient temperature.

Demonstrating the validity of this approach required an accurate and straightforward way to scientifically prove how TCO could be reduced without business risk or compromising IT performance. Intel needed a dependable solution that would rapidly allow a detailed assessment of the entire data center environment under varying workloads and conditions, holistically and at an individual component level.

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Romonet provides predictive analytics software and services for the data center. It is the only cloud-based solution to provide data on a facility’s entire lifecycle. This financial, environmental/CSR and operational information increases profitability, reduces risk and improves decision-making.

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Using Romonet Software Suite, Intel was able to complete a capability assessment including rapidly and accurately evaluating the impact of changing a wide variety of variables and predicting the effect on cost, capacity, energy efficiency, equipment performance, and risk throughout the entire data center life cycle.

Romonet Software Suite has provided Intel with the facts their clients need to make informed decisions about designing, planning and operating more efficient data centers by demonstrating how TCO can be reduced without business risk.

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Energy Consumption Rate, Facility Health Status, Facility Management, Temperature, Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP)
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Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)
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Romonet Software Suite is able to model and predict energy usage, capacity, asset utilization and cost over time against a wide range of changing variables.

For Intel’s clients, Romonet Software Suite rapidly identifies opportunities to remove risk, improve performance and add value.

Optimization of data center performance.

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