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Informatica Case Studies Hardware Retailer Uses Data Warehouse to Track Inventory

Hardware Retailer Uses Data Warehouse to Track Inventory

Hardware Retailer Uses Data Warehouse to Track Inventory
Equipment & Machinery
Logistics & Warehousing
Ace tracked which products retailers ordered, when they were ordered and shipped. However, the company could not track or forecast actual sales.

Data used for reporting was up to a one-week old, owing to performance and data cleansing issues.

Requirement to integrate wholesale and inventory data with POS data to help drive key business decisions, improve category management, lower inventory costs and optimize pricing.

Reliance on custom coding to integrate POS data was excessively resource intensive and led to major performance constraints.
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ACE Hardware
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Real time POS analysis enables Ace to replenish inventory systems and in-store stock more quickly, reducing inventory holding costs.
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Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)
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Enabled Ace to target customers more effectively by analyzing historical buying habits detecting trends
Increased profit margins and pricing structures
Informatica integrates critical POS data from 1,500 retail locations with its wholesale and inventory systems for strategic analysis by sales, marketing, and pricing managers
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