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Filament | Woking Toward Industrial Blockchain

Filament | Woking Toward Industrial Blockchain
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These are serious concerns, especially if blockchains are to usher in the kind of post-industrial revolution that its advocates are predicting. Most of us can’t even protect our passwords, much less our private keys; the idea of integrating a corporation with thousands of employees with a high-tech blockchain seems about as realistic as training a cow to trade derivatives.

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Blockchain based users of Blocklet

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One new device may bring companies a half-step closer to a blockchain for industrial use. Filament has introduced the Blocklet, a penny-sized hardware dongle that will allow businesses to interface their equipment with blockchains. According to a statement from the company, the device “is designed to interact with multiple blockchains natively, giving businesses a way to attach secure hardware to their existing IoT machines allowing them to transact with each other directly.”

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The Blocklet is a bit like a hardware wallet, targeted and marketed for Industrial IoT use. In short, the Blocklet attempts to do for industrial blockchains what the Ledger and Trezor do for ‘consumer’ applications such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Instead of having to navigate the maze of block explorers and private keys, the tiny device can be simply plugged into a computer’s USB ports to interact with data on multiple blockchains.

Filament believes that devices like the Blocklet will play a key role in the “Industrial Internet of Things,” a growing ecosystem of smart, internet-enabled manufacturing technologies, whose economic influence is expected to exceed $12 trillion by 2030. 

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