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Eseye Pipe Leakage Detection

Eseye Pipe Leakage Detection
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Water Utility Management
3.3 billion litres of water are lost through leaking pipes each day in the UK. As a result, water authorities face increasing demand to find innovative ways to monitor water flow within pipes.

Currently, GSM data loggers are used to monitor water flow wirelessly and improve the efficiency of dealing with leaks. The big problem with GSM loggers is they use a network specific SIM, which means different SIMs are required for different locations due to network coverage.
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Primayer offers instruments and software for monitoring water systems and for water network leakage control.
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With Eseye’s AnyNet embedded Multi-IMSI chip SIM cards fitted into the XiLog+ and Phocus3m loggers, all connectivity issues and waterproofing concerns were resolved.

Adding an embedded SIM card allows their devices to be deployed anywhere in the world without any connectivity issues.

The Eseye solution also offers one single global bill which combines the costs of network providers across all contracts.
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Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)
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