HCL Technologies Case Studies Enabling Patient Care Through Connection Solutions

Enabling Patient Care Through Connection Solutions

HCL Technologies
Enabling Patient Care Through Connection Solutions
Quality Assurance
Indoor Positioning System (IPS)

The client faced challenges in their attempt to improve patient care through objective data gathered from smart products such as Apple Watch, Fitbit, Carbon, and Samsung Gear which relates to patient compliance with prescribed medication regimen and their lifestyle patterns. The client was searching for an appropriate analytics algorithm which would help them gain actionable insights from the unstructured data. The backend came with a hive table which helped import data to the Hadoop environment. The company faced roadblocks in extracting behavioural context over time to tailor treatment according to the needs of patients with Serious Mental Illnesses (SMI). They aimed at developing a passive sensing mobile application which would enable full control and surveillance of the patients.

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Healthcare Sector

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To ensure that the patients remain compliant with the prescribed drug regimen, the client gathered data from mobile sensors such as barometers, pedometers, and GPS (providing insight into the distance traveled by the patient).

The client also endeavored to gather data from call logs to ascertain how many calls were made and how the client interacts with the external world. The parameter-defined data is collected at regular intervals and sent to the backend, following which Cartesian coordinates and maps are used for calculation.

HCL’s dedicated Internet of Things (IoT) business unit, IoT WoRKSTM , facilitated the development of a Passive Sensing Mobile Application for both Android and iOS platforms, by deploying HCL’s in-house Medical Mobile Application (MMA) platform. This platform, also an SDK, would ensure faster and standardized development of the Passive Sensing Mobile Application. In the first phase, the application was developed for patients as users, but was extended to other stakeholders such as healthcare providers.

As a part of the project, IoT WoRKSTM would enable a backend system both for data storage and authentication.

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Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)
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Creates secure portal and cloud storage to store customer data.

Reminds users to connect to external smart devices to fetch vitals.

Connect to and capture data from existing personal fitness devices available in the market and provides dashboards to the user to show healthcare infromation and trend charts.

Reduction in cost and development effort by 30-35% with the Medical Mobile Application.

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