HCL Technologies Case Studies Enabling Business Efficiency for Medical Technology Providers

Enabling Business Efficiency for Medical Technology Providers

HCL Technologies
Enabling Business Efficiency for Medical Technology Providers
Product Development
Process Control & Optimization (PCO)

As the company expanded into new geographies and areas of therapy, existing patient management platform performance was unable to support future business needs. This resulted in end user satisfaction being compromised.

Some of the business challenges were:

Value based care delivery: Robust platform to support wide array of devices, data, and applications that manage patient data with utmost security. This facilitates the delivery of customised care to end-users, increasing the patients’ adherence to medication.

Business efficiency: Integration with legacy enterprise applications to ensure seamless exchange of customer, product, and sales data between BU’s as well as enabling KPI tracking at various enterprise levels

Shorten time to market: Ability to run complex analytical models and data science functionality on the data collected from multiple sources to streamline development cycles.

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Medial Technology Providers

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HCL’s workshop led DEFINE engagement was leveraged to identify the gaps in the existing system based stringent AS-IS analysis. In the BUILD phase, HCL developed an end-to-end platform stack connecting patients, physicians, sales, and operations teams


Architecture to support both private and public cloud platforms, with extensive protocol support to integrate patient and business end points for additional business use-cases

Data security at all layers of the IoT stack to ensure privacy and security compliances. Additionally, enabling data segregation to different levels in line with regional laws and regulatory requirements

Compatible architecture with 3rd party applications, client’s existing applications, and IT infrastructure resulting in seamless integration.

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Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)
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Single platform to support up to 100 Million annual transactions.

Comprehending end-user behaviour to reduces the new product development cycle and time to market by 5-10%

Improved patient monitoring to reduce re-admission rate by 15-20% and increased medication adherence. Also, the cost arbitrage enabled through architecture that has potential to be leveraged by multiple BU’s. Reusable architecture components to suit future business use-cases.

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