Accelerating the Industrial Internet of Things
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SAP Case Studies Embracing Business Success in Real Time

Embracing Business Success in Real Time

Embracing Business Success in Real Time
· Increase control over growing Big Data to improve business decisions
· Manage data for 28,000 biotechnology stockkeeping units in the fields of microbiology, molecular biology, animal cell cultures, plant tissue cultures, and lab ware for laboratory chemicals
· Accelerate report generation and analysis with real-time data
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HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
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· Migrated SAP® Business Suite applications to the SAP HANA® platform to support a real-time data environment
· Implemented the SAP HANA database on a DELL system and completed the migration within six weeks
· Deployed SAP HANA Live offerings as part of a long-term analytics strategy
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Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)
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Better access to real-time data and faster analytics with SAP HANA Live
Improvement in on-time deliveries with a superior user experience
Faster, more effective and proactive decision making and greater productivity with real-time, actionable data
80% faster report execution, saving lots of time for users and managers
80% faster material requirements planning
50% faster production planning operations
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