Cisco Case Studies Edinburgh Napier University streamlines long-distance learning with Cisco WebEX

Edinburgh Napier University streamlines long-distance learning with Cisco WebEX

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• Geographically dispersed campus made in-person meetings costly and inconvenient.

• Distance-learning programs in Malaysia, India, and China required dependable, user-friendly online tools to maximize interaction in collaborative workspaces.

• Virtual learning environment required a separate sign-in process, resulting in a significant administrative burden for IT staff and limited adoption of collaboration technology.

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• Cisco WebEx collaboration software produces a richly interactive, long-distance learning environment.

• Joint collaboration solution from Cisco and CirQlive provides a virtually endless array of options for optimizing the management of Moodle.

• Single sign-on is now possible through a Microsoft Active Directory portal.

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Operating Time, Production Efficiency, Support Tickets
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[Efficiency Improvement - IT]
Employees scheduled only about 10 Cisco WebEx meetings per month. Now that number is more than 50. “From an IT perspective, the CirQlive solution eliminates a huge amount of work on the back end,” “Collaboration no longer requires an IT support ticket taking over 5 minutes to set up because all credentials are processed through a single Active Directory portal. Now users are empowered to schedule a whole semester’s worth of classes in one click.

• Cisco WebEx adoption grows from 10 to more than 50 meetings per month. 

• Single-click access speeds meeting setup and empowers users to manage their own meeting schedules.

• Simpler sign-on process promotes tighter security.


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