Cisco Case Studies Driving Digital Transformation: Emerald

Driving Digital Transformation: Emerald

Driving Digital Transformation: Emerald
Equipment & Machinery
Manufacturing System Automation

Emerald worked with Cisco to shrink the time to production for its manufacturing process automation system. The leadership team sought self-deployed solutions that would drastically decrease installation time, reduce complexity, and increase security.

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Emerald provides production and resources management solutions globally. Emerald LeaderMES systems operate in highly demanding manufacturing environments worldwide.

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• IoT connectivity: Cisco® 819 Industrial Router with WiFi access point • Fog application framework: Cisco IOx • Fog application: LeaderMES • IoT security: policy-based network controls, IOx application security

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Alarms For Automated Applications, Installation Diagnostics, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Production Efficiency, Security and access
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Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)
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[Financial Growth - Market Opportunities]
Expanded market opportunity by applying Emerald LeaderMES to digital manufacturing transformation
[Efficiency Improvement - Deployment]
Worldwide deployment scope due to compact size and remote management
[Efficiency Improvement - Productivity]
OEE improvement, workforce optimization, and manufacturing process cycle time reduction

Reduced solution installation time from an average of 4 weeks to 1 day

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