Siemens Case Studies Driven by Data

Driven by Data

Driven by Data
Logistics & Warehousing
Factory Operations Visibility & Intelligence

Digitalization starts with the design of a product. Maserati needs to virtually create, simulate, and test their cars in a time efficient manner. The Maserati engineers needed to manage their project collaboratively across various locations.

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Maserati is an Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer established on December 1, 1914, in Bologna, with around 1,100 employees worldwide.

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Siemens provided a solution with CAD software NX and PLM software Teamcenter.

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Cycle Times, Installation Diagnostics, Operating Time, Production Efficiency, Setup Time
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Cutting Edge (technology has been on the market for < 2 years)
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[Product Improvement - Market Opportunities]
Siemens' integrated solutions for manufacturing helped Maserati obtain a benchmark in the automotive industry.
[Efficiency Improvement - Time To Market]
Programming time, production time, and installation time are shortened during the introduction of new products.

With NX and Teamcenter, Maserati reduced 30% development time.

Time-to-market time reduced to 16 months.

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