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DHL Supply Chain Growing Use of AR Glasses

DHL Supply Chain Growing Use of AR Glasses
Logistics & Warehousing
Augmented Reality

A picker with an RF scanner is constantly looking at the gun to get pick commands, hitting the confirm button and doing things in sequential fashion which is time consuming. Warehouse operations costs add up to 20% of the total logistics costs for DHL.

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DHL Express offers a broad range of services designed to cater for all your shipping requirements. All their export and import services offer secure door-to-door delivery with full tracking visibility.

Founded: 1969

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In the Vision Picking pilot test, pickers are equipped with advanced smart glasses which visually display digital picking list in their field of vision and the best route, reducing their travel time by efficient path planning.

The automated barcode scanning capabilities can check whether the worker has arrived at the right location, and guide the worker to quickly locate the right item on the shelf. 

Furthermore, the glasses work well within DHL’s existing infrastructure, so expensive overhauls like redesigned conveyor and sorter systems are not required.

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Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)
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Productivity increase from 6% up to as much as 15% using the augmented reality glasses.

The resulting productivity improvements and reduction in errors increased the overall picking efficiency by 25% and cuts on-boarding and training times by 50%.

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