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ZIN Technologies Case Studies Customized Price Plans

Customized Price Plans

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Customized Price Plans
Customized Price Plans
Customized Price Plans
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Bosch security systems have quite a good number of resellers through which they sell security devices. For all of their security devices they have pre-installed SIMs/CDMA's in them. For each customer to have its own login and competitive prices for each operator was a big challenge. They offer the same services for each customer and therefore every customer spends the same amount of money for each device.
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Bosch Security Systems, Inc. is a leading supplier of equipment for the global electronic protection industry. With worldwide sales in 2006 exceeding $1.7 billion and more than 10,300 employees in 45 countries, the company designs, manufactures and markets equipment for security, video surveillance, life safety, communication, professional audio, and personnel and asset tracking applications. In North America, the Bosch Group manufactures and markets automotive original equipment and aftermarket products, industrial automation and mobile products, power tools and accessories, security technology, thermo-technology, packaging equipment and household appliances.
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Porthos offered the option of price plan creation ranging from unbundled to unlimited. Bosch security systems were offered to Porthos to create custom price plan for all desired needs.
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Device use, pricing plans, subscription details, user log in details, IP addresses.
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Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)
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White-label instance of Porthos with their custom URL that they extended to their customers. Customers can logon to their individual accounts and see the usage incurred by their devices.
Customers can perform all provisioning actions on their devices by themselves.
Predefined custom set of price plans are loaded onto contracts for each customer.
Use of Porthos has helped Bosch by removing development cost, time and effort as they enjoy the benefits of having a white labeled instance of Porthos, and features such as custom price plans for all needs along with allowing the provisioning functions available for all their customers.
Bosch customers also use private IP addresses for their devices and private APN for bosch as well.
Horizontal applications are standardized (e.g., asset tracking). Vertical applications are tailored to specific needs (e.g., delivery fleet management).
APIs are the market enabler for IoT. They allow users to manage devices, enable data transfer between software, and provide access capabilities.
Middleware integrates the diverse components of an IoT application by structuring communication, workflows, and business rules.
IoT analytics includes real-time or edge computing and batch analysis. Analytics can be behavioral, descriptive, predictive, or prescriptive.
Visualization solutions use dashboards, alerts, events, maps, and other tools to present easily comprehensible data to end users.
Data management solutions capture, index and store data in traditional database, cloud platforms, and fog systems for future use.
System integrators link IoT component subsystems, customize solutions, and ensure that IoT systems communicate with existing operational systems.
IoT data management consultancies help to make sense of big data, decide which data to maintain and for how long, and troubleshoot IT issues.
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