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Corporate Travel Risk Management Program

Corporate Travel Risk Management Program
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The client, which possesses a vast global operation, required operational and member safety support, as well as travel, asset and emergency risk management services, on an ongoing basis. Realizing that travel risk management was not a core competency, the client agreed to outsource all travel risk management (TRM) functions to iJET. Since 2008, iJET has provided all resources relevant to TRM, including a dedicated program manager and analytical support.

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A multinational manufacturing giant.

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In 2008, the Global Security Director partnered with the iJET Programs Team to assess the current services and build a roadmap for an enterprise-wide program. iJET appointed a Program Manager to work with the Global Security Director as an extension of the client’s team to build a platform that is powered by iJET – but be recognized as a company-run program. Together iJET and the client branded, communicated and rolled out the program on a global level.

Today, more than 74,000 employees are provided with information and services, allowing them to travel globally with confidence to expand the business. The iJET Program Team provides management and day-to-day administration including a high-risk travel program, travel monitoring/hotline, customized training, strategic decision support, tailored intelligence, incident response and program maturity.

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[Data Management - Data Access]
By outsourcing the management and administration of the corporate travel risk management program, the client has the benefit of having direct access to all of iJET's resources.
[Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
iJET's Maturity Model and industry best practices are shared with the client, helping to increase its operational efficiencies and the ability to make informed risk-based decisions.
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