Intel Case Studies Building Smart IoT-Connected Railways

Building Smart IoT-Connected Railways

Building Smart IoT-Connected Railways
Product Development
Autonomous Transport Systems

• Difficult environment. Communications equipment on trains must function properly in harsh conditions, such as environment temperatures ranging from -25°C to +85°C, according to the EU standard EN50155.

• Railway regulations. All products in a train must adhere to strict standards, relating to working vibration, power consumption, and lifetime.

• Lengthy process. Time to market in the railway industry can take years from concept to mass production, so product design requires a solid long term vision.

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Sadel - Railway Communications Provider

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• Durable processing power. SADEL chose Intel® AtomTM processors to power its solution because of their low energy consumption, impressive throughput, and because they can withstand extreme industrial temperatures.

• Reliable technology. The Intel® AtomTM SoC is soldered directly onto the printed circuit on the base of AAEON’s computer board*, which eases implementation of a fanless heat sink and can boost reliability.

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Asset Performance, Connectivity Status, Energy Cost Per Unit, Energy Usage, Process Procedure
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Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)
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[Product Improvement - User Experience]
Improved passenger experience.Modern integrated systems can make traveling a more pleasant experience by offering better passenger safety and relaxation thanks to a connection with the rest of the world.
[Cost Reduction - Total Cost Of Ownership]
Performance, cost, and energy.The solution offers a powerful, energy-efficient system that delivers high-definition content while keeping support costs down and minimizing total cost of ownership.
[Data Management - Connectivity Stability]
True connectivity.Thanks to hardware from Intel and AAEON, SADEL can help train manufacturers and operators to run IoT connected trains with geo-localized audio and video information, entertainment, travel information, and other news.
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