WIN-911 Case Studies ALERT System Assists Air Liquide's SCADA System FabView

ALERT System Assists Air Liquide's SCADA System FabView

ALERT System Assists Air Liquide's SCADA System FabView
Quality Assurance
Structural Health Monitoring
For many industrial operations involving the distribution of gas in, say, a manufacturing plant, there are numerous risks involved such as leaks. Like most operations of its type, such facilities can ill afford much downtime.
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Air Liquide (Second largest global supplier of industrial gasses.)
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The ALERT system which is a key element of Air Liquide's FabView SCADA system, is specifically designed to monitor and detect potential threats to the facility. In the event that some form of a hazard such as a leak in a pipeline is detected, ALERT evaluates how severe the leak is and transfers the data back to the central site or home office.

Once the information is back in the main office, the SCADA alert system then transcribes the data into understandable messages to which employees can respond appropriately.
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Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)
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[Efficiency Improvement - Maintenance]
There are over 6,000 unique alerts that employees may have to respond to. With so many different variables that might go wrong, the ALERT system saves countless hours of investigation by allowing employees to know exactly what is wrong when they pick up the phone.
[Efficiency Improvement - Issue Response]
Ultimately, the ALERT system facilitates quick response and mitigation to on-site incidents.
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