Intel Case Studies Adding Intelligence to Airport Transfers

Adding Intelligence to Airport Transfers

Adding Intelligence to Airport Transfers
Fleet Management (FM)

Maintain Momentum 

Airports need to keep billions of passengers moving every year, while aligning with strict security protocols. 

Improve Control 

Airport buses need careful and constant logistical management, with dispatchers tracking operational, capacity and geographic data for each bus. 

Enhance the Journey

Passengers appreciate being well informed about where to go next, so easily accessible and available details enrich their traveling comfort. 

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Airport and aviation industries. 

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Intel technology helps clean up drivers' dashboards for a consolidated view of all bus information:

Connected Buses

Cobus buses are fitted with sensors and cameras that track real-time data about bus conditions, while displays share information with customers. 

Consolidated Devices

Advantech-DLoG TREK-550 and TREK-306 computing units, powered by Intel Atom processors, provide a single interface for the driver, with dispatch directions, GPS coordinates, passenger information and sensor data. 

Specialized Software

The INFORM GmbH Groundstar Real-Time application allows dispatchers to track and manage the bus fleet using real-time sensor data. 

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Driver Behaviour, GPS Tracking, Passenger amount, Vehicle Location Tracking, Vehicle Operation Load
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Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)
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[Efficiency Improvement - Labor Safety]
Fleet Management. Dispatch teams can identify when a bus is being driven inefficiently or is insecure and immediately contact the driver. 
[Efficiency Improvement - Labor]
Driver Efficiency. Drivers have one easy-to-use interface for all their information, reducing distractions but keeping them fully informed in real time. 
[Product Improvement - User Experience]
Customer Experience. Passengers have fewer delays due to more efficient bus management, while on-board displays ensure they know where they need to go. 
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