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A Solution for All Traffic Solutions

A Solution for All Traffic Solutions
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All Traffic Solutions is looking for a solution that can provide the following features: - Required a higher value-add solution to offset commoditization - Needed to control 3rd party products as if they were ATS products - Needed to migrate custom modelling and data from prior solution - The growing install base was increasingly difficult to manage and maintain due to separate silos for business and device systems

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All Traffic Solutions is a leader in traffic safety with connected products deployed in all 50 states and many countries. It recently introduced the TraffiCloud industry ecosystem, accelerating its transformation from manufacturer to solution provider.

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- Use connectivity to drive new value added, recurring revenue - Customers were able to interact with their products remotely to update signs via the web - Provided and activated new features, as well as diagnose product functionality remotely - Integrated into a Salesforce platform application environment to ensure a consistent experience and ease of use

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Network Performance (bits/s), Network Traffic, Sales
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[Efficiency Improvement - Labor]
Can focus technology and manpower on other revenue generation methods

35% increase in sales from subscriptions

50% increases in sales per employee

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