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Use of Digital Camera Surveillance for Upgrading the Mounting Process for Printi

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 Use of Digital Camera Surveillance for Upgrading the Mounting Process for Printi - IoT ONE Case Study
The Challenge

A manufacturer of flexographic printing machines, the requirement was to upgrade the system performance which included high speed and resolution with a camera delivering high frame rate and good megapixel functionality. They needed full control over lenses and also zoom to have high-quality optical zooming from different distances. They also needed more options for adjusting focus and zoom factor at an economical cost.

The Solution

Our client was using an old surveillance system and it was high time to modernize the complete mounting machine portfolio. So for the integration of a modern machine vision solution into its flexographic mounting machine, we were supposed to provide the full acquisition platform starting from the camera to the host PC including engineering consulting and customization to set up the solution. We chose a camera that had a 30x optical zoom auto-focus zoom lens, it delivers the high image quality needed in full HD and offers a wide dynamic range. The corresponding external frame grabber transforms the camera into a GigE Vision camera. The interface can control the camera over a digital channel and transmit full-resolution video at the maximum rate supported with low, predictable latency over a GigE link and GigE cable. The high-quality industrial PC can run up to six cameras for multiple points of view, each one powered through Power over Ethernet (PoE), having a completely dedicated power channel for all the PoE devices. Thus we achieved complete control of the zoom and focus of each camera with only a single cable connection.

Quantitative Benefit
  • The client achieved a faster, more precise mounting process with our fully controllable digital imaging system.

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