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ThingWorx Delivers Business Transformation to Sysmex

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 ThingWorx Delivers Business Transformation to Sysmex - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Functional Applications - Remote Monitoring & Control Systems
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Application Development Platforms
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Data Management Platforms
Applicable Industries
  • Healthcare & Hospitals
Applicable Functions
  • Maintenance
Use Cases
  • Remote Asset Management
The Challenge
With a mature business comprising connected field instruments for remote monitoring, Sysmex realized that the next step in order to transform their business would be to unlock more value from their data. The only way they could outpace their competitors would be to deliver higher quality customer service and improve their internal operational efficiency.
The Customer
Sysmex Corporation
About The Customer
Sysmex Corporation is a global manufacturer of blood and urinalysis medical equipment, selling to 48 companies in 29 countries. Sysmex America distributes and supports automated in vitro diagnostic hematology, coagulation and urinalysis analyzers, reagent
The Solution
In order to help Sysmex achieve this goal, they chose PTC's Thingworx platform as their partner. Apart from providing the necessary security and auditing capabilities, the ability to integrate ThingWorx with other enterprise systems, such as CRM, places the Internet of Things (IoT) platform at the core of Sysmex’s integrated connected business infrastructure.

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Operational Impact
  • [Efficiency Improvement - Issue Response]
    With the valuable data that Thingworx unlocks, Sysmex has been able to achieve next generation service and connected product capabilities. These include direct, real-time instrument connection for delivering next-generation service and support as well as rapid problem resolution through enhanced collaboration and better use of remote and systems data.
  • [Data Management - Real Time Data Analysis]
    ThingWorx has allowed Sysmex to put its energy into value added applications that utilize the remote instrument data. The company is able to rapidly deliver value-added applications that pull out instrument data in real-time and seamlessly integrate it into Sysmex’s existing business processes.
  • [Efficiency Improvement - Production Uptime]
    Customers now rightfully expect and receive improved equipment uptime because Sysmex is able to achieve a faster decision response time, and also expect to see improved labor utilization through collaborative information exchange.

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