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Visual Quality Detection
Tamper Detection

Configuring a Sigfox device with several IoT platforms, we dive into the distinctions that distinguish from large cloud providers like AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.

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Sigfox cloud

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The Sigfox device is sending periodically temperature readings to the Sigfox Cloud and these are sent from there to the different IoT platforms, which have been configured to receive and store the data. Once the data is stored in the IoT platforms, the main objective is to get useful insight from them. Therefore, graphical visualizations have been carried out. The report explains in detail how to configure these platforms in order to receive and analyze data, conveyed by a Sigfox device.

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Connectivity Status, Device Status, Temperature
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Cutting Edge (technology has been on the market for < 2 years)
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[Data Management - Connectivity Stability]
With reference to the strengths of thethings.iO IoT platform, it can be stated that it is simple to configure the connection between the Sigfox Cloud and the thethings.iO platform. 
[Data Management - Real Time Data Analysis]
Moreover, it has a different internal structure than the other platforms which makes relatively easy to make an analysis right after the data reaches the platforms in comparison with the other IoT platforms. 
[Product Improvement - Flexibility]
A feature that singles out thethings.iO IoT platform is that it is software and hardware agnostic, therefore, it can be connected to any device whereas the other platforms had a few group of hardware to which they can be connected.
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