Case Studies Solution Implementation for an Automobile Major

Solution Implementation for an Automobile Major

Functional Applications - Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
Discrete Manufacturing
Advanced Production Planning and Scheduling

The client wanted the system to go-live in a short duration of time and it is very critical for them to do this before their production. They wanted a strong SAP (System Application and Products) implementation partner with expertise and experience in the manufacturing domain, especially with expertise in the automotive and Supply Chain space.

The client wanted their SAP system to be aligned with their business processes and wanted to derive maximum benefits out of their SAP investments. The client was very particular about having a robust and operational SAP system much ahead of their production timelines.

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The Client is a leader in manufacturing anti-vibration rubber for automobiles. 
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TVS Infotech (TVSi) was partnered by the client to implement their SAP system. 

TVSi implemented SmartCompo, a pre-configured SAP solution specifically designed for the manufacturing segment. Deployment of SmartCompo meant reduced implementation timelines and at the same time ensured implementation of the best practices in manufacturing.

TVSi's successful implementation of SmartCompo for the automotive supplier industry serves as a significant accomplishment for the entire team, and strengthens the position of TVSi to offer the pre-configured and integrated solution to other major players in the manufacturing segment.

SmartCompo will help the client in meeting operational and productivity goals that include cutting operational costs, increasing throughput, reducing lead times, improved delivery time, reduced purchasing costs, reduced inventory and increased order capacity.

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[Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
TVSi helped the client in implementing the solution within the defined timelines.

Pre-configured solution reduced the costs associated with external implementation resources.

An integrated system minimizes operational costs through low interface maintenance and reduces support costs, whilst delivering seamless processes from a single information database.

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