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Smart Water Flow Measurement System

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 Smart Water Flow Measurement System - IoT ONE Case Study
The Challenge

Human Body Comprises 70% of Water and hence it is important that the water we consume is not only fresh and clean but also free from invisible harmful bacteria and excessive dissolved solutes. This is perhaps one of the reasons, why fresh and clean water ranked as one of the highest rank quality of life factor.
With ever-increasing demand, the supply of clean and safe water has become a major challenge globally, more so because of the rapid urbanization, growth of world population, and rapid climatic change. Given these modern-day challenges, it is only imperative and natural that we optimized the utilization of nature’s most precious gift. With the above consideration in mind, our client, one of the global major in Water treatment and management has entrusted us with the design and development of an IoT based water flow monitoring and control system, that utilizes state of the art sensor technology and wireless connectivity for real-time monitoring & control of water treatment and filtration process with minimal wastage. The system addresses the various challenges in the water sector, like real-time flow rate measuring, monitoring of filter elements, optimize the filtration process while reducing wastage. Faststream has successfully designed and delivered the product with the most customer satisfaction.

The Solution

To overcome the problem of water wastage and also to optimize usage, Faststream has designed and developed a cost-effective, IoT enabled system that integrates precision water flow sensor for flow monitoring, and NFC based RFID system for identifying genuine water cartridge, Wi-Fi device that sends real-time sensor data to the cloud server for real-time monitoring and control. We have also developed an Android and iOS based application that provides the customer with complete flexibility to monitor and control the water flow & filtration system anytime anywhere with wireless connectivity.

Quantitative Benefit
  • Clean and fresh water for you all the time

    • Real-time monitoring of Water Quality
    • SMS and In-App Notification Systems
    • Proactive Preventive Maintenance
    • Prolonged Water Filter Life with Optimized Uses
    • Anytime Anywhere Connectivity
    • Most importantly reduces water wastages significantly.

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