IXON Case Studies Smart Robotics: secure IIoT connection to robots with IXON Cloud

Smart Robotics: secure IIoT connection to robots with IXON Cloud

Smart Robotics: secure IIoT connection to robots with IXON Cloud - IXON Industrial IoT Case Study
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After getting started in 2015, Smart Robotics immediately started thinking about remote access. “It is very important to us that we can remotely access all our systems, to see how they’re behaving,” Heico says. Consequently, Smart Robotics aims to get in touch as soon as something goes wrong, way before the customer can reach out to them.

At first Smart Robotics considered whether they should develop their own solution, or if it was better to outsource the development and look for an external partner. Their conclusion? Confidence in the ability to set up a highly secure connection turned out to be of utmost importance for Smart Robotics. “Securely collecting the data and getting remote access to our systems,” Heico explains. “In a way that the customer is confident that there won’t be a security breach as a result of an open network.”

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Smart Robotics was founded in 2015, aiming to develop smart, flexible, safe and user-friendly robot solutions. With its three business units — Packaging, Logistics and Incubator — Smart Robotics serves several different markets, both in the Ne
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Smart Robotics
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Smart Robotics has chosen IXON as their trusted partner to guarantee a secure connection from their robots to the cloud. The click between IXON and Smart Robotics was there from the start. “We strive for high flexibility by implementing a fairly complex system, which should be user-friendly for our customers. That’s exactly what IXON does as well, so our philosophy is nicely aligned,” says Heico. The short communication lines, the ability to quickly act and the willingness to make adjustments are also seen as big advantages.

"You place the Plug and Play router in your control cabinet, and it just works. All over the world, even in China."

– Heico Sandee, Smart Robotics

Each robot comes with an IXrouter. When a robot has a failure, Smart Robotics can now easily log in to the system remotely. “We can take control of the system and immediately help the customer find a suitable solution,” Heico explains. Additionally, new software for the robot is released every month. “We also do these updates via the IXON platform,” Heico says. “We even receive the statistics of the data gathered from all robots via the IXON Cloud.”

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  • Fast implementation of remote service
  • Plug & Play solution
  • Secure connection to their robots
  • Global coverage
  • Abundant opportunities for future innovations
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