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Slovenian Smart Factory manages Electricity Consumption

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 Slovenian Smart Factory manages Electricity Consumption - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Sensors - Environmental Sensors
Applicable Industries
  • Cement
Applicable Functions
  • Facility Management
Use Cases
  • Energy Management System
The Challenge

Salonit also has a strong environmental regulation compliance strategy and it is dedicated to optimizing and reducing energy consumption. The goal was to reach the top 10 % of the most energy-efficient cement factories in the European Union. 

But producing clinker is energy-intensive: its electricity consumption averages 85 GWh, with 2500 Tera Joules of energy used for clinker burning. In the past years, Salonit’s energy bills went up to 9 million EUR per year, mainly for electricity.  

Salonit needed to comply with European energy regulations. The company could leverage a co-financing mechanism to invest in equipment and monitoring solutions that help meet the energy consumption reduction target.

The Customer
About The Customer

Salonit Anhovo is the biggest cement production factory in Slovenia. Founded some 90 years ago in the central valley of Soča, the factory has been an innovation driver for the region ever since. In the past ten years, the factory invested massively in its production line.

The Solution

Focus on energy savings, not on cabling

Salonit Anhovo chose wireless technology over wired technology to simplify the roll-out of an energy management system (EMS). LoRaWAN was the obvious choice with its long-range capabilities. The Salonit site stretches over 3 km in a valley, meaning that connecting all energy meters via a wired system is a huge hassle.

Salonit chose to implement Combox. L CI-B series of sensors for their long battery lifetime, but also because they are suitable for the harsh industrial environment. 

Before they implemented the EMS, some data were collected via a legacy SCADA system. A  “walk-around” team manually registered the monthly consumption of energy. Data was mostly used for monthly consumption reports and billing of their internal services.

Operational Impact
  • [Efficiency Improvement - Energy]

    A detailed view of energy metrics to reduce consumption in the long run

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