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Secure Serverless Compute Environment, Fewer Limitations

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 Secure Serverless Compute Environment, Fewer Limitations - IoT ONE Case Study
The Customer
About The Customer

Serverless computing is a transformative new technology quickly gaining popularity among developers for its simplicity, agility, and functionality. Interest in serverless continues to grow among business leaders who see value in decentralizing their architectures and deploying globally on the edge without needing to pre-plan resource availability.

In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2025, half of the global enterprises will have deployed serverless computing, up from only 20% now.

The Challenge

Serverless comes with its own set of challenges. Cold start times* — the several hundred milliseconds of latency required to execute an inactive serverless function — cause delays in the user experience that too often have a major impact on conversion rates. Add in limited observability and resource contention, as well as emerging security concerns about side-channel attacks, and it becomes clear why organizations hesitate to move business-critical workloads to serverless. What’s needed is a different approach to serverless that’s highly performant, developer friendly, and secure.

The Solution

Fastly’s Compute@Edge™ represents the next generation of serverless computing; purpose-built for better performance, reduced latency, and enhanced visibility and security.

Customers benefit from an instantly available, highly performant environment that essentially eliminates cold start issues. Compute@Edge resources are available within microseconds, are elastic (eliminating the need to pre-plan and deploy infrastructure), and can instantly scale to tens of thousands of requests per second.

Compute@Edge offers superior performance without sacrificing platform security and reliability. By creating and destroying sandboxes for each individual request flowing through the platform, Compute@Edge minimizes the attack surface area present in typical multi-tenant serverless environments while still providing superior execution times.

Instantly available, high-performance environment

  1. Access to unprecedented computing resources means there are no cold starts or roundtrip delays — just fast, always-on computing.
  2. At 35.4 microseconds, Compute@Edge provides a 100x faster code execution startup time than other serverless solutions.
  3. Deploy simple and complex workloads globally, on hundreds of servers strategically located close to end-users.
  4. Built on Fastly’s edge cloud network, Compute@Edge provides access to critical data on the edge with low latency accessibility

Delightful developer experience

  1. Exceptional observability.
  2. Language-agnostic and cloud-agnostic platform
  3. Developer-friendly tooling

Security and reliability at scale

  1. Edge-ready security
  2. Platform-powered reliability

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