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Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring - Advanticsys Industrial IoT Case Study
Networks & Connectivity - Cellular
Sensors - Environmental Sensors
Sensors - Pressure Sensors
Business Operation
Smart City Operations
Kaunas Energija's Heat and Power Plants were distributed across the country, including in places lacking an internet connection. This made supervision and maintenance difficult and expensive.
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Kauno Energija AB is a Lithuania-based company that is engaged in the production and distribution of heat energy to consumers in cities and towns across Lithuania.
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Kauno Energija AB
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A MPC-143 controller with GSM / GPRS, heating systems, pressure measures, and remote environmental monitoring sensors are integrated in a small 12V battery powered device.
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[Cost Reduction - Maintenance]
Total cost of ownership is lowered due to reduction in monitoring and maintenance costs.
[Management Effectiveness - Centralized Management]
Centralized management allows fast and effective response to faults at minimal cost.
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