PubNub Case Studies PubNub Aids in McDonald's Malaysian Campaign
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PubNub Aids in McDonald's Malaysian Campaign

PubNub Aids in McDonald's Malaysian Campaign
Product Development
Mass Customization
Fog Computing

McDonald’s Save the Sundae Cone campaign had a McDonald’s Sundae Cone on the digital billboard, which was slowly melting in the heat of the city. To “save” the sundae cone, the audience needed to spin a giant fan that would ‘cool’ the sundae cone and ‘un-melt’ it. They did this by spinning a mini-fan, which was accessed through their mobile device’s web browser. At the end, participants were given a voucher on their smartphone to be redeemed at a McDonald’s across the street for a free sundae cone. The realtime network needed to be able to handle hundreds of users simultaneously, and with such a large audience, 100% uptime was vital for the campaign.

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Corporations needing temporary back-end support.

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PubNub was a key infrastructure component in the Save the Sundae campaign and was used in a variety of different use cases. The reliable and low latency realtime data streaming that PubNub offers was essential for the project as a whole. With a tight realtime loop, participants, the app, and the digital billboard were all updated in realtime to mimic real life interaction.

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Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)
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[Product Improvement - Flexibility]
Broad API and SDK Support: The common API and SDK support for PHP, Flash and Javascript made it seamless for Arc to choose the right platform for each project. In the event that they needed to use another platform, they were confident it would integrate easily with PubNub.
[Efficiency Improvement - R&D]
Ease of Implementation: PubNub’s ease of implementation, clear documentation and tutorials and debugging tool made it easy for the development team to implement PubNub, and since all the features needed were available, Arc was able to create both projects simultaneously within two weeks.
[Efficiency Improvement - Communication]
The low latency communications, and the capability to send one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-one messages were the key functionality made the campaigns successful and ensured a tight realtime interactive loop between users and the digital billboard.
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