TEKTELIC Case Studies Protecting Timeless Artifacts In Museums With IoT

Protecting Timeless Artifacts In Museums With IoT

Protecting Timeless Artifacts In Museums With IoT   - TEKTELIC  Industrial IoT Case Study

Conserv and TEKTELIC Collaborate to Provide Indoor Monitoring Solutions to Protect and Maintain Valuable Artifacts and Collections Around the Globe.

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A successfully deployed IoT Network for the purpose of building and facility management can be referred to as a Smart Building system. A Smart Building will contain a network of end devices or sensors strategically deployed to collect specific information that will enhance the end user’s knowledge of the building and therefore give visibility to potential issues allowing for smart decisions to be made.

While the benefits to individuals from the implementation of an IoT Smart Building System is evident, IoT integration can also be essential in the protection and maintenance of valuable assets located inside the building. Conserv is driving innovation in this space by deploying wireless IoT solutions for indoor environmental monitoring in buildings that require very specific conditions to be met. These environments include museums, galleries, archives and science centers located worldwide. 

To support Conserv in their efforts to provide monitoring solutions for some of the world’s most unique and valuable artifacts, TEKTELIC is providing some of the hardware infrastructure required for the LoRaWAN® network connectivity and asset tracking. In particular, the TEKTELIC KONA Micro Gateway and Smart Room Sensors are being utilized for this application.  

TEKTELIC and Conserv have partnered to provide a reliable, scalable, and secure wireless solution to assist Conserv’s clients in monitoring and managing some of the world's most unique artifacts, collections archives and exhibits.

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Humidity, Motion Detection, Temperature, Traffic Light Signal
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