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Improve Uptime and Asset Reliability

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 Improve Uptime and Asset Reliability - IoT ONE Case Study
The Challenge

A Fortune 500 biotechnology company, with a wide portfolio of medicines and diagnostics for chronic and life-threatening conditions, set a strategic priority to leverage AI/machine learning solutions to improve manufacturing asset reliability and optimize maintenance costs.

However, site operators were inundated with alarms that captured only a small percentage of failures and provided only minutes of lead time prior to a failure event. As a result of unanticipated centrifuge failures, millions of dollars were lost due to interrupted operations and discarded products.

The company searched for an AI-enabled solution that can predict impending centrifuge failures with more accuracy and more lead time to reduce unplanned downtime and maintenance costs.

The Customer
About The Customer

A Fortune 500 biotechnology company

The Solution

In 12 weeks, the C3 AI team partnered with subject matter experts from the biotechnology company to configure the C3 AI Reliability application to monitor and predict impending failures of 3 centrifuges across 2 manufacturing plants.

With C3 AI Reliability, the biotechnology company can predict 93% of impending failures, take preventative action with 48x more lead time, and reduce false alarms by 80%, improving production margins with reduced downtime.

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