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IDI Members Benefit from PIM-Driven Data Quality

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 IDI Members Benefit from PIM-Driven Data Quality - IoT ONE Case Study
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  • Functional Applications - Product Data Management Systems
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  • Business Operation
  • Software Design & Engineering Services
The Challenge

Member groups are becoming increasingly engaged in enriching product information to address gaps in content quality and the precise details that customers expect. IDI recognized that its members needed richer data via a central repository in order to deliver consistent and trusted product information across channels.

However, the company also understood that smaller individual distributors may not have the resources to deploy a full PIM solution on their own. IDI decided to make a strategic investment in a data management solution to help its members compete with high-quality content in the digital marketplace. Through a PIM solution, IDI could build an immense repository of rich product content and digital assets to help its members grow their business across channels

The Customer

IDI Independent Distributors Inc.

About The Customer

IDI Independent Distributors Inc. is a Canadian-owned business serving the industrial and safety industries. Its approximately 104 shareholder owners consist of over 360 branches, 2,500 employees, almost $200 million in inventory, over $1.3 billion in gross annual revenues, and $900 million in purchasing power.

The Solution

IDI turned to the market-leading EnterWorks Member PIM solution. Through tiered subscription levels, an IDI member can subscribe to content from the master catalog and make it their own. The program leverages IDI’s product content while also allowing each member to tailor the content to their company’s unique marketing and selling model.

All product information and content can be managed under one platform, with one set of robust workflow tools for internal and external collaboration.

Operational Impact
  • [Data Management - Data Availability]

    IDI Independent Distributors Inc. offers its members the benefit of a data management solution through EnterWorks Product Information Management.

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