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Unifying Global Operations with Google Workspace: A Case Study on Standard Industries

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 Unifying Global Operations with Google Workspace: A Case Study on Standard Industries - IoT ONE Case Study
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The Customer

Standard Industries

About The Customer
Standard Industries is a global industrial company with a diverse portfolio of interests, including building materials, solar, aggregates, and related investment businesses. The company is the world's largest manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing materials. With a presence on four continents, Standard Industries operates in 80 countries and has over 15,000 employees across 184 locations. The company's global reach and diverse operations make it a complex organization with unique challenges in terms of communication and collaboration.
The Challenge
Standard Industries, a global industrial company with over 15,000 employees across 184 locations in 80 countries, was facing significant challenges in streamlining communications and collaboration. The company was struggling with the simple task of scheduling a senior leadership meeting, which required several executive assistants to coordinate over the phone to determine availability. Furthermore, the company was dealing with over 28 active directory environments and four different mail and collaboration platforms across the organization. The need for a single, unified collaboration tool that could be used across all their locations on four continents was evident.
The Solution
To overcome these challenges, Standard Industries decided to partner with Maven Wave to migrate to Google Workspace. The migration process began on a small scale, initially moving only the company’s New York City office to Gmail and Google Calendar. With the guidance of Maven Wave in change management, the team gradually shifted the entire company to Google Workspace. This included the adoption of Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. The focus was on the end-user, and efforts were made to facilitate a change in behavior in how employees conducted their day-to-day business. Transformation labs were conducted, where employees were gathered for 3-4 hours to focus on business processes and challenges. This approach helped identify the challenges employees had outside of the previous tools, and Google tools were then applied to solve these problems.
Operational Impact
  • The migration to Google Workspace brought about a significant change in the way Standard Industries conducted its day-to-day operations. The focus on the end-user and the facilitation of a change in behavior led to a more streamlined and efficient way of conducting business. The transformation labs were particularly effective, allowing employees to focus on business processes and challenges, and apply Google tools to solve these problems. As a result, the adoption of Google Workspace has been successful across the company, leading to improved collaboration and communication. The company has managed to unify its operations across the globe, making it easier for employees to collaborate and communicate, regardless of their location.

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