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How Cisco Upgraded Its Wireless Infrastructure

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 How Cisco Upgraded Its Wireless Infrastructure - IoT ONE Case Study
Applicable Industries
  • Telecommunications
The Challenge

The challenge for Cisco IT was to continue providing a global wireless LAN that could serve as a primary access medium and deliver more bandwith and coverage to more users, while satisfying the company's business requirements. The next-generation WLAN would also need to provide native support for wireless video and voice, with high levels of accessibility, availability and security to reduce service-impacting incidents. 

The Customer
About The Customer
Cisco has a highly mobile workforce, where almost every employee is issued a laptop computer with a wireless interface card. This case study describes an upgrade of the internal wireless LAN (WLAN) using Cisco Unified Wireless Network solutions. Cisco cus
The Solution

The Cisco Next-Generation WLAN program, which began in May 2006, will evolve Cisco IT's existing indoor wireless network infrastructure into a more available, stable and secure network. Cisco IT will increase the number of access points - from 3100 to more than 6000 - in more than 300 Cisco locations worldwide and deploy the latest intelligent and fully integrated Cisco wireless products. 

The next-generation WLAN is based on the Cisco Unified Wireless Network Solution, which combines centralized Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers with Lightweight Access Point Protocol (LWAPP)-enabled access points, and distributed, autonomous access points based on Cisco IOS Software. 

Data Collected
Connectivity Status, Network Coverage, Network ID, Number Of Connected Devices, Wireless Coverage
Operational Impact
  • [Data Management - Data Availability]
    Greater availability and reliability. 
  • [Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
    Operational optimization. 
Quantitative Benefit
  • User bandwith increased by 600 percent. 

  • New WLAN delivered a 95 percent reduction in incidents that affect service to users. 

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