Fiix Software Case Studies How a major player in the oil & gas industry decreased downtime
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How a major player in the oil & gas industry decreased downtime

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Predictive Maintenance

Sean Simon is the SVP of Operations at CIG Logistics, where sand is transloaded and stored for third parties in the oil and gas industry. Before looking into CMMS solutions, his team spent three years trying to manage their maintenance operations with a paper-based system, leaving them with the major issue of not being able to gather or access data. “There’s no way to mine paper. There was no daily summary, no way of tying together comments or keywords.” As a result, trying to track and schedule preventive maintenance was nearly impossible. “It was like owning a car in the 1950s. You had to try to remember the last time you did something and guess at the maintenance that needed to be done in the future”.

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CIG Logistics, a partner for large-scale transloading and storage in the oil and gas market. They operate out of 15 terminals across the US.
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CIG Logistics
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Sean’s number one requirement for a CMMS was getting a solution that could be flexible and adapt to the needs of his team. They needed a system that would allow them to do a twice-daily checklist—one per shift. Other packages he explored had a hard time supporting this PM. “We wanted to make sure the second checklist would trigger whether the first one was completed or not. When we started talking to Fiix and expressed our need to do this, they did not yet have that capability, but they actually built it for us in just a few weeks, which was not something any of the competitors were able to offer.” For Sean, the willingness to customize a solution to his specific needs was what ultimately pushed Fiix over the edge as the winner.

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40-50% decrease in machinery downtime.

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