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GreenRoad Technologies - GreenRoad Driver Behavior (EYMS)

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GreenRoad Technologies - GreenRoad Driver Behavior (EYMS) - GreenRoad Technologies Industrial IoT Case Study
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EYMS was struggling to counteract the rising price of fuel when it first began looking for solutions. The team investigated a number of options but were attracted to GreenRoad because it did not need to interface with existing telematics and vehicle information. At that time, a significant proportion of the EYMS fleet did not have an Engine Control Unit (ECU).

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East Yorkshire Motor Services runs over 300 buses and coaches throughout Hull, East Yorkshire, the North Yorkshire coast and onto the North York Moors. A privately-owned company, EYMS has been running buses in East Yorkshire since 1926 and provides employ
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East Yorkshire Motor Services
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EYMS employed GreenRoad’s solution which alerts drivers when they depart from safe, smooth driving style, enabling them to immediately modify their driving behavior and encouraging them to take charge of their own improvement and take pride in their achievements. In effect they have a ‘vocal coach’ in the cab.

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Driver Behaviour, Driver Performance Scores, Fuel Consumption, Incident Rate
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[Efficiency Improvement - Labor]
GreenRoad's system helped to build a high level of motivation and enthusiasm amongst EYMS staff and everyone reaped the rewards, receiving a fuel savings Christmas bonus.

After implementing GreenRoad EYMS achieved a 5% fuel saving which equates to $800,000 in fuel at retail prices ($370,000 savings taking the BSOG into consideration).

Within a year, EYMS cut its incident rate to the lowest figure since it started tracking in 2001. EYMS achieved a reduction of 40% driver-fault accidents, a 20% reduction in passenger falls and paid out 20% less in claims.

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