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Global IT Security Service Provider Streamlines Operations

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The Challenge

Hitachi Systems Security had individual tools managing each individual part of the business—accounting, projects, resources, business development, and more. None of the information was integrated.

  1. Hitachi Systems Security had highly disjointed solutions running every part of their business, due to their fast growth, and found they were not able to get accurate and timely integrated information
  2. Hitachi Systems Security identified project risk by instinct— they were unable to determine an exact budget, time, and resource allocation to make sure projects stayed on track
  3. Decision-making was always two to three months in arrears due to their disparate systems environment. The company used spreadsheets and whiteboards as its primary source of integrated information
The Customer

Hitachi Systems Security

About The Customer

Hitachi Systems Security is a company that provides 24/7 managed security services and strategic consulting services to customers in over 40 countries across the globe.

The Solution

Hitachi Systems Security researched all available solutions, initiated a trial period supported by Deltek Partner, AMR Group, and chose Deltek due to the ease of implementation—they could be in production quickly, with all information in place and integrated in a short amount of time.

Deltek was one of the few offerings designed for a services company versus a product company—the solution was project-focused which serves their business perfectly and with little/no customization.

With a project-based system, they are now able to better identify risk, can quickly see the status of all projects relative to time and budget, and reallocate the necessary resources to ensure that projects stay on track.

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