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Falls and Dangerous Items No Longer Threaten Miners

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 Falls and Dangerous Items No Longer Threaten Miners - IoT ONE Case Study
The Challenge

Giant excavators cut the pieces of soil, layer by layer, and conveyor belts take the material away. The control cabin of the K10000/K74 mining machine is located very close to the excavator, so there is a risk that a potential explosion will directly endanger the operator’s life and health.

Moving the controls to a backup location deep in the bowels and safety of the mining machine, and using a camera system provide the operator with the same view as from the original cabin. This nonstandard requirement was a challenge for the integrator. It had to invent a unique custom-made solution without compromising the mining machine’s functions or possibilities.

The Customer
About The Customer

A huge mining machine in Bílina mine

The Solution

After ENELEX’s long-term experience with the Axis IP cameras, there was no other choice but to base the whole system right on this brand. Reliability and durability under heavy conditions were a must, and the biggest enemies were dustiness and vibration during the machine’s operation.

In total, 18 AXIS Q3505-VE Network Cameras have been installed to deliver video to three different locations, providing a secure working environment for employees.

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