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Energy Management for Data Centers

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  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) - Backup & Recovery
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
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  • Electronics
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  • Business Operation
  • Cloud Planning, Design & Implementation Services
  • Hardware Design & Engineering Services
The Challenge

The company faced this data center energy efficiency challenge with the extenuating circumstances of rapid growth in computing needs and a corporate desire to use renewable “green” sources of energy, which come at a premium cost to traditional energy. With over 600,000 servers and 25,000 smart power strips and power distribution units across multiple datacenters, the company had limited insight into:

  1. Compute power consumption
  2. Opportunities for server virtualization and server consolidation to reduce power consumption and cooling
  3. Potential operation efficiencies through better utilization of available server resources

To gain the next level of insight into their infrastructure performance, the company turned to SevOne to implement monitoring, baselining, and alerting for power consumption across their worldwide data centers.

The Customer
About The Customer

A large consumer electronics technology company.

The Solution

IBM SevOne Network Performance Management (NPM) was chosen for this company’s key long-term infrastructure initiative based on SevOne NPM's ability to monitor all types of infrastructure in near real-time with highly granular visibility combined with the scale to collect energy efficiency data from over 25,000 smart meters without loss of monitoring or reporting performance.

SevOne NPM extends to any infrastructure with the capability to integrate and correlate any time series data with any other performance monitoring data with automatic baselining, thresholding, and alerting capabilities. As a relevant example, SevOne NPM can combine and correlate data center temperature data with power consumption.

Operational Impact
  • [Management Effectiveness - Real Time Information]

    SevOne NPM's unique ability to monitor all types of infrastructure at near real time with highly granular visibility,

  • [Data Management - Data Availability]

    The baseline and regular power performance data are being combined with IPMI data (CPU, Fans, etc.) collected by SevOne NPM, to provide a more complete picture of power usage at the server level. 

Quantitative Benefit
  • The company has postponed or cancelled several data center developments and envisions a 10-40% power savings as a result of understanding power consumption at the rack level.

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