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Personalizing Customer Touchpoints with AI: Eurocell's IoT Case Study

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 Personalizing Customer Touchpoints with AI: Eurocell's IoT Case Study - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Cybersecurity & Privacy - Identity & Authentication Management
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Application Development Platforms
Applicable Industries
  • E-Commerce
Applicable Functions
  • Procurement
  • Sales & Marketing
Use Cases
  • Inventory Management
The Challenge
We wanted to harness our vast amounts of data to provide customers with an unrivaled customer experience – by fully personalizing every single customer touchpoint. To do this, we wanted to improve both our understanding of our customers, whether they were a trade customer or DIY enthusiast, and how we communicate with them through our digital channels and branch teams. This need intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic as our e-commerce sales rapidly increased. We recognized that artificial intelligence (AI) could empower us to deliver on our strategic goal, but needed help distinguishing between our diverse customer-base in our SAP data, and understanding how our data could be used to create AI models.
The Customer
About The Customer
Eurocell is the UK’s leading manufacturer, distributor, and recycler of UPVC window, door, conservatory, and roofline systems. They have a network of 220+ branches and a website that distributes their products to a wide customer base of installers, small builders, roofing contractors, independent stockists, and directly to consumers. Eurocell aims to transform key business processes by utilizing innovative digital solutions to improve the supplier, customer, and employee experience.
The Solution
Peak is helping Eurocell to become more customer-centric, unifying and preparing our data to identify and group different types of customers. Peak’s AI models then use these segments to provide frequently bought together product recommendations, as well as bespoke product recommendations based on an individual’s purchase behavior. Peak also integrates outputs directly into our email service provider (ESP) to send highly relevant emails about products we now know our customers are interested in. The core dataset is continuously updated as new customers create accounts, and their details are automatically added to one of our smart customer segments within 24 hours.
Quantitative Benefit
  • Eurocell has experienced a 73% increase in website recommender average order value (AOV) and a 17% uplift in recommender-driven revenue. Their email open rates have also increased by 70% compared to their previous approach.

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