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Continuous Support and Monitoring of AKS

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 Continuous Support and Monitoring of AKS - IoT ONE Case Study
The Challenge

The client needed help with Azure Cloud Services and also requested continuous support and monitoring of their Azure Kubernetes Service. The client faced several issues including unavailability of application for 30 minutes during AKS update and also required a solution to fix their AKS vulnerability. They also wished to reduce their turnaround time by implementing Azure best practices.

The other issues they faced included lack of support for on-premise systems, complex deployment in CPT and their PDMS application involving AI/ML, redundant storage accounts and application service plans, not enough pods available, and inefficient pod deployments.

The Customer
About The Customer

The client deals with chemical manufacturing and is a Univar solution company; employing nearly 500 people across the globe. With applications in chemistry, technology, aerospace, architecture, medical devices, industrial machinery, and appliances, they’ve expanded to multiple locations including the US, Africa, Mexico, the Middle East, Canada, and some parts of Europe.

The Solution

The development team researched and documented every issue came up with the best possible solutions and sent them to the client for approval. This way was able to fix bugs and errors quickly and were able to reduce the turnaround time for the customer.

Aspire was able to solve the critical problem of AKS vulnerability, that is the application was unavailable during AKS update for 30 minutes; we brought it down to 10 minutes.

Moreover, Aspire removed unused storage accounts and app service plans with their knowledge-based support process.

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