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Breaking Ground in Smart Agriculture

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Breaking Ground in Smart Agriculture - Synapse Wireless Industrial IoT Case Study
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Semios Technologies decided to create a product that radically changes how orchard growers handle pest control. The key to the product is the use of new pesticide-free pheromones. To turn this idea into reality, they needed to create a system that could sense where the pests were breeding and automatically dispense the pheromone-based pest control in response. Semios realized their largest challenge would be getting a system that worked in an environment with no dedicated power and where wireless signals needed to travel through the hundreds of acres of dense foliage. That is where SNAP-based technology from Synapse provided the answer.

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Semios Technologies
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Semios decided to use SNAP-based RF modules and gateways as the foundation of their product. The SNAP-based RF modules gave Semios the ability to collect and transmit data using batteries to power their devices and without needing the batteries replaced for over a year. Semios discovered they could leverage the mesh networking capabilities of the SNAP-based RF modules to relay signals from their devices to SNAP-based Gateways. This allowed them to deploy thousands of devices over hundreds of acres without having to rely on longer-range devices that weren’t capable of sending large amounts of data.

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Battery Charge Level, Insect Pest
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