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Better Buildings for Everyone

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 Better Buildings for Everyone - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Application Infrastructure & Middleware
  • Functional Applications - Remote Monitoring & Control Systems
Applicable Industries
  • Buildings
Applicable Functions
  • Facility Management
Use Cases
  • Smart Campus
  • Software Design & Engineering Services
The Challenge

Buildings are like living organisms – they consist of multiple systems brought together to function seamlessly round the clock. However, that isn’t always the case. Maintaining aging equipment and facilities while keeping up with utility issues and controlling costs is an ongoing concern for the buildings industry.

These challenges often undermine the well-being of the end-users, which results in dissatisfaction and lower performance.

The Customer
About The Customer

Learnd, the leading technology-led integrator for buildings, helps its customers manage over 10,000 buildings across the UK and Europe, with strong sector expertise across healthcare, education, retail, critical infrastructure, data centers, and commercial offices. It was founded to change the way systems within a building are managed and maintained.

The Solution

Relayr and Learnd have joined forces to transform the way systems within a building are managed and maintained. Integrating Relayr’s digitization skills with its own extensive domain expertise, Learnd is on the path to creating better buildings for customers – a pledge backed up by the powerful insurance partner HSB.

The partnership with Relayr and HSB enables a groundbreaking shift in the buildings industry. Relayr’s expertise in digitizing assets provides the backbone for Learnd’s capabilities by adding data processing and data analytics, combined with business enablement.


Operational Impact
  • [Product Improvement - User Experience]
    • Ensure a higher level of comfort and visibility
    • Reduce energy spend by using continual monitoring
    • Upgrade your building with little to no upfront cost
  • [Cost Reduction - Overall]

    Achieve cost certainty

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