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Beach & Water Reservoir Monitoring Platform

Beach & Water Reservoir Monitoring Platform - Opentrends Industrial IoT Case Study
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Catalan Water Agency is responsible for the overall management and supervision of the water reservoirs of Catalonia region. Part of its Big Data strategy was to find a monitoring system to surveil, manage and supervise in real-time the coastal areas (including swimming and non-swimming beaches), the water and its quality.

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 Catalan Water Agency - Agència Catalana de l'Aigua (ACA) ;
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Catalan Water Agency
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Sentilo platform stores large volume of measurements obtained over time by sensors and laboratories, and allows you to consult on these measurements in real time through REST requests, along with providing real-time data on water quality, reservoirs and the state of the beaches during the swimming season.

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Water Level, Water Meter Readings, Water Quality
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[Management Effectiveness - Real Time Information]

Sentilo Catalan Water Agency is a real-time data publication system,  where anyone can take advantage of up-to-date water state reporting around the area (Catalonia Region). This real-time reporting permits the stakeholders to react quicker when an issue appears.

[Data Management - Data Visualization]

Sentilo platform intuitively displays phenomenological information to public and third parties about the state of 300 beaches during the swimming season, and water reservoirs any time throughout the year.

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