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Arming Applications with an Undisputed Weapon Prevent Cyberattacks

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 Arming Applications with an Undisputed Weapon Prevent Cyberattacks - IoT ONE Case Study
The Challenge

The client wanted to provide their users easy, real-time, and seamless access to information, products, and services.

In moving towards a digital experience, the client ran into a few issues. They realized their authentication process was not strong enough and vulnerable to attacks due to the ineffective implementation of their authentication tokens and session management.

This situation urged the client to look for a way to facilitate secure access to resources through mobile apps without compromising performance.

The Customer
About The Customer

US-based communication provider 

The Solution

The client had built multiple subsystems for every functionality, and those were responsible for providing resources and access to mobile applications. We implemented a Proof Key Code Exchange (PKCE) to provide secured access to all the applications.

The PKCE system was designed to prevent interception of the authorization code by malicious apps that had sneaked into the user’s device. Our solution, comprising secured SSO authorization with PKCE, safeguarded the mobile apps from unauthorized access. It provided additional security, protected user privacy, and increased customer satisfaction.

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