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API Integration - ZIN Technologies Industrial IoT Case Study
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Inilex is a leader in providing mobile location based services has to perform operations on thousands of SIM cards each day. There are always new customers that needs their SIMs activated and some require suspension of services, and similarly some would want to have their services resumed. Having all these operations performed at their own end was a challenge for Inilex. They had to design a complete CRM and billing system to perform all these operations. And because of increasing number of customers, it had to be scalable enough as well.
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Since its inception in 2003, Inilex has become a leading provider of affordable, intelligent, mobile location-based services that comprises of GPS tracking devices, application and management software. The company serves a number of industries with their
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When faced with the challenges, they discovered Global M2MConnectivity solution provider; Wyless which provides a unique SaaS platform Porthos. Porthos offers number of different APIs for users. They include restful APIs, both synchronous and Asynchronous.
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[Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
User can place hundred of API calls within minutes and could receive responses as per their configuration setup. Customer can perform number of different operations on their SIMs, including SIM Inquiry, Cancel Device Location, Activation, Suspension, Restoration, Termination, Re-activation, etc.
Inilex saved big by developing front-end for customers and outsourcing backend solution with porthos.
They did not had to spend on cost for building a complete CRM and billing engine to manage hundred thousand of SIMs at their own end.
They get a private IP address for each SIM activated which runs on their private APN.
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