ABB Case Studies ABB Brazil Saved 30% on Testing Time Thanks to Panaya Test Center
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ABB Brazil Saved 30% on Testing Time Thanks to Panaya Test Center

ABB Brazil Saved 30% on Testing Time Thanks to Panaya Test Center - ABB Industrial IoT Case Study
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The stakes are high for ABB Brazil, an organization with five business divisions. Brazil has one of the most complicated tax systems in the world and SAP system errors can cause big losses for the company. Each release of new functionality is very risky, hence ABB Brazil faces huge testing challenges.

Complex business scenarios with little or no documentation available.

Several system changes (new functionalities, improvements, and bug fixing) being released every week which requires a huge effort to execute regression tests.

The major challenge during the UAT is to keep track of all activities, spread across multiple areas/ locations and keep everything under control.

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With Panaya, organizations can accelerate application change and continuous delivery of innovation. Panaya provides cloud based test management, test automation and application lifecycle management solutions that ensure collaboration between Business and
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ABB Brazil started using Panaya Test Center in 2014 on their entire SAP system. ABB Brazil reaped astounding benefits from Panaya Test Center:

They met their SAP testing deadline with time to spare.

They avoided go-live issues that were common with previous SAP testing.

By keeping track of all testing activities, the SAP IT team went from reactive to proactive mode.

ABB "retired" their spreadsheets and Word documents and now use Panaya Test Center to collect test evidence.

After months of looking for a testing service, ABB Brazil found Panaya. Wagner Canto, the IS Project Manager, was impressed with a live demonstration of Panaya Test Center. Thanks to Test Center's easy onboarding, ABB Brazil decided to dive head-first into the water and immediately moved all of their SAP testing to Panaya.

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The new solution is very useful for ERP test management, including planning, execution and follow-up. 

The company saved 30% in total testing time thanks to Panaya Test Center.

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