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A Growing Company with Expanding Markets

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Technology Category
  • Functional Applications - Product Lifecycle Management Systems (PLM)
Applicable Industries
  • Pharmaceuticals
Applicable Functions
  • Process Manufacturing
The Challenge

IWT has seen much growth in its product lines. Currently, the company manufactures 45 different models —60% of which are customized to some degree.

Managing this wide product portfolio, with limited production quantities, and a high level of customization, meant that developing a controlled process for managing the release of engineering changes was imperative in order to achieve efficiency, reduce process time, and better coordinate production throughout the organization.

With the high level of customization, combined with the requirement for strict compliance in heavily regulated industries, the need for a modern PLM platform became clear.

The Customer
About The Customer

IWT has specialized in the design, manufacture, and installation of washing systems for both the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries worldwide. Manufacturing is based in Varese, Italy in a facility with 129,000 square feet of production areas, design studios, training, and showroom facilities.

The Solution

The Aras Innovator platform has allowed IWT to develop an engineering change order (ECO) workflow that covers the entire process.

The engineering BOM organization has been separated from manufacturing needs and industrial engineers are assisted in manipulating the structure and verifying data consistency when releasing changes to production. The entire process is managed in a single workflow, allowing priority management for changes affecting the delivery of critical projects.

IWT was able to see immediate results in the reduction of reworking activities and in improved management of priorities. Using the same approach, IWT is now incrementally extending the use of the Aras Innovator platform to create an integrated infrastructure to manage products throughout the organization.

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