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Ho YueLong 02/21/2017 IoT Index 111 0


IoT ONE has 710 case studies now, more than half of them were on Data Acquisition & Management - rather unexpectedly seeing that IIoT is all about making sense of data that you are getting.

What you should know:

•  Companies are most concerned about the "Operations & Maintenance" aspect of solutions

•  Smart grid and automotive solutions are the most common industries for data-related solutions

•  IoT data management and system integration are the most sought after services

Dan Shaghnessy, director of product sales for Kaman Automation, commented: "The IoT is really is [about] connectivity from what's on the plant floor to how you get data outside the plant floor [...] to make easier decisions. It's about improving predictive and preventive maintenance. And it all comes down to data."

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